Sweden to deport Christian back to Iran, in violation of UN Convention on Refugees

Sweden is about to deport back to Iran a well-known Iranian actress who has left Islam to become a Christian, despite the fact that this would violate the UN Refugee Convention. Aideen Strandsson came to faith in Christ after watching a video in Iran of a woman being stoned to death. She said, “I decided at that moment I don’t want to be a Muslim anymore.” She explained how, shortly after this, “I had a dream about Jesus. He was sitting near me and he took my hand.”  She kept her faith a secret but when she came to Sweden on a work visa in 2014 she asked for a public baptism, saying, “I want to have a baptism in public because I want to say I am not afraid anymore I am free, I am Christian, I want everyone to know about that.” However, Swedish officials have told Aideen that becoming a Christian was “her decision” and now it’s “her problem” and not theirs. At her asylum hearing, a Swedish migration official even told her it would not be as bad for her in Iran as she is expecting because it would only be six months in prison.