Crime to be Christian (WATCHMAN)

The LGBTI agenda has been gathering pace of late. Watchman unravels this process and highlights some very real dangers for Christians in the Third World.

In late July, to mark the 50th anniversary of Britain’s decriminalisation of homosexual acts, Education Secretary Justine Greening announced that the government will consider amending the Gender Recognition Act to allow individuals to self-determine their gender with no need for medical proof. Yet another example of the self-destructive lunacy of the LGBTI agenda for the UK. Once Britain lost its belief in the Truth of the Gospel it ended up believing in any old rubbish. 

The UK Government is now sponsoring attempts to impose LGBTI ideology on Evangelical Christians in the Global South.

This is what the Barnabas Fund reported in July 20171 after analysing a report by Wilton Park (an executive agency of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office) which urges the reinterpretation of scripture to make it compatible with LGBTI ideology and the teaching of LGBTI beliefs in Sunday schools and Queer Theology 2 in theological seminaries.

In Wilton Park’s report, Evangelical Christians are described as: Having “intensified hatred, disseminating it in parts of the world which had previously exercised greater tolerance.” (Page 2) Biblical Christian theology is described as: Reflecting “the heteropatriarchy of Christianity brought by western missionaries.” (Page 3).

It is also suggested that churches who take a different view of homosexual acts from LGBTI ideology are acting immorally – and it is implied that the state should discriminate against them: “In situations when the state abdicates responsibility to provide services such as education or health, it also diminishes the ability to exercise moral authority against churches which are providing them.” (Page 4) 

Barnabas Fund reported:

“The Wilton Park report makes a large number of recommendations, some of which are directed at LGBTI organisations, some at government and some at churches. The major concerns that arise in respect of these recommendations include:

a) A number of recommendations directly advocate actions which would very significantly reverse freedom of religion in countries where they were implemented.

b) It is the fact that Wilton Park is an Executive Agency of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office that raises serious concerns about a number of these recommendations. As such, unless disowned by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the publication of these recommendations by Wilton Park is, in effect, state-sponsored advocacy of imposing serious restrictions on freedom of religion around the world. The Wilton Park report therefore for a printed version 3.   In their analysis, the Barnabas Fund also gives practical recommendations that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office should implement. Barnabas Fund states: “That an executive agency of the FCO should publish such a set of recommendations is particularly damaging as it amounts, in effect, to a form of state-sponsored advocacy.

Conclusions and recommendations

1. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office should immediately withdraw the Wilton Park report Opportunities and Challenges: the intersection of faith and human rights of LGBTI+ persons.

2. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office should immediately issue a statement stating that this report does not represent UK government policy.

3. The promotion of Freedom of Religion or Belief around the world should be included as a major aim of UK foreign policy in the FCO Single Departmental Plan with all FCO departments and executive agencies required to ensure that their actions are at least compatible with this and do not in any sense undermine it.

4. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office should institute an inquiry into the operation of Wilton Park.

Please pray that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will very soon implement all the above recommendations from the Barnabas Fund. Write to the British Foreign Secretary strongly protesting against the Wilton Park report and urging that all of Barnabas Fund’s above recommendations are fully and swiftly implemented by the Foreign Office. Write to: The UK Foreign Secretary, The Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Downing Street, London SW1A 2AL

The Wilton Park report is an evil attempt to try and force Christians in the Global South to compromise on Biblical values. The general lack of a firm and bold response by the UK Christian community to the LGBTI advance in our nation has now emboldened the UK Government to try and impose that agenda on our fellow Christians in the Global South. 

LGBTI Activists are not content to just obtain protection of their basic rights. They also want to radically transform our society and other societies across the world and dictate to us what we can and cannot believe when it comes to matters of faith and morality. This harmful agenda includes destroying the traditional family and restricting religious freedom.

Negative effects of the LGBTI agenda are numerous. They include:

1)  The corruption of children

2)  Increased likelihood of child sex abuse

3)  Increased threat to Religious Freedom

4)  Inciting hatred and animosity towards those who maintain that homosexuality is wrong.

5)  Inciting hatred and animosity towards religions such as Christianity that teach that homosexuality is wrong.

6) Undermining the traditional family unit, thereby also undermining the welfare and protection of children. 

Millenia of experience have proven that the traditional family is by far the best unit for protecting, raising and nurturing children. Below are some links to websites that show the connection between Homosexuality and Paedophilia 4.

In the UK, the LGBTI movement is simply going from strength to strength. A new, bolder and more radical approach is needed if we are to stem the tide of LGBTI indoctrination that is flooding our nation and seriously undermining the welfare of our children 5. 

This new, bolder and more radical approach has been tried out in the United States by a group called Mass Resistance 6.  Such has been their great success that they have been urged to set up branches overseas in a variety of countries including Australia, Taiwan and Nigeria. On 7 July, 2017 the UK branch of Mass Resistance was launched. 

Brian Camenker, the Orthodox Jew who founded Mass Resistance, has worked closely with many Christians to resist the tide of the LGBTI agenda. Camenker has said that the LGBTI activists and their supporters are not used to being opposed and so when one stands up to them they are not sure what to do. Actions taken by Mass Resistance in the USA include numerous Resistance activists repeatedly phoning obstructive government officials to lobby them. This more aggressive and hard-hitting approach has brought many positive results.

As Camenker has rightly pointed out, “we are in a war and we should realise that we will not get far simply by trying to have a polite dialogue with our opponents.” To support Mass Resistance UK, contact Alan Williams at the address below 7. 

The Bible very clearly condemns homosexual acts, describing them as “detestable”. (Leviticus 18:22) While we certainly ought not to hate homosexuals it is a huge mistake to think that it is loving to condone homosexual acts or to claim that God does not regard such actions as sinful. We also have a responsibility to love children and such love includes protecting children from the hugely negative effects of a society that embraces the LGBTI agenda.

Biblical love does not support evil and stands firmly on the truth.(1 Corinthians 13:6) It is the secular liberal interpretation of love that rejects the truth and is very permissive.

The Christian ministry, Voice for Justice (VfJ), has reported that the UK Government is advocating mandatory ‘relationships education’ for all children in primary school, and for ‘sex and relationships education’ for all children in secondary school – ostensibly in order for them to stay safe and health yin our increasingly sexualized and perilous world 8   

Voice for Justice states: “At first glance the proposal sounds good.  We all want to protect children, just as we all want them to realize their full potential and be happy.  But the reality is that current teaching about ‘safe sex’, the delivery of which is designed to avoid any hint of criticism or judgment, is seriously endangering their health. If we really want to keep children safe, all teaching about sex should come with a mandatory health warning of the dangers run by sexual experimentation and promiscuity.

“In the 1960s there were two major sexually transmitted diseases, syphilis and gonorrhoea.  With very minor exceptions… cases were confined to the adult population… and kept in check by the wonder drug penicillin.  “That is not the case today. Currently there are 27 identifiable STIs in the UK, not all of which are treatable, and some of which are becoming increasingly antibiotic resistant (e.g. gonorrhoea). More to the point, young people are particularly susceptible to infection, and STIs.”

Please support VfJ’s online petitions:

1.   Calling for protection for the right of Christian MPs to free speech 9.     

2.   Calling for delivery of all Sex and Relationships education in schools to carry a mandatory health warning of the risks attaching to non-monogamous sex 10.   

To support VfJ’s work phone them at: 07933 305914 or Email:

















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