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Volume: 12     Issue: 3

One saviour , one focus

In increasingly hostile times, Christians need clear answers to two questions. David Andrew considers the‘why’ and ‘how’ of our existence…

John McLaughlan looks at an often-misrepresented word and marvels at the LORD’s view of us, His people

Chesed, a Hebrew word used about 240 times in the Hebrew Scriptures, conveys aspects of the LORD’s nature that we human beings can perhaps grasp more easily than some of his other qualities. 

Western views of Israel owe more toanti-God disinformation than an objective grip on reality. Chuck and Karen Cohen un-spin the news…

The Temple Mount, God's "holy hill" (Psa. 2:6; 3:4) …is often the centre of attention in Israel and the Muslim world. In July, guns were smuggled into its Islamic "holy" place and used to kill two non-Jewish Israeli policemen. Both were Druze. So Israel placed metal detectors at Muslim entrances. Detectors were already in place at all other entrances.

The world is changing faster than many of us realise, Steve Maltz examines one of the key drivers of this change and urges Christians to wake up to it!

There is an aspect of our western culture that has been creeping relentlessly into the ‘big picture’. It has been the butt of many jokes in past years and considered a harmless oddity,but not any more.It now rules the roost and it has very sinister intentions. It goes by the name of Political Correctness.

Truth is undemocratic, non-negotiable – thank God!

The truth is finally out… The LGBTI community has declared that it needs a Bible that will say what they want to hear and, through an executive agency of Her Majesty’s UK Government, (see p. 20) they are calling for research funding to ‘reinterpret’ sacred scriptures so that they line up with gay and transgender ideology. We can all sympathise with the need for a Bible that never disagrees with us... 

Malcolm Baker ponders the journey from darkness to light and reminds us that Light triumphs… “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”  John 1:5

It is surely time to get serious, says Philip Wren, before the wrath that is surely to come soon.

The LGBTI agenda has been gathering pace of late. Watchman unravels this process and highlights some very real dangers for Christians in the Third World.

Chris Hill was once told ‘mind thy business’ and reminds us all to be true to the calling that the Lord has for each of us..

John the Baptist saw himself as the forerunner of the Messiah. He was under no illusions about that. Not for him the indulgence of seeing himself as greater than he was. Indeed, John was reluctant to see himself as Jesus saw him and may never have been aware of our Lord's opinion since Jesus was addressing not him but the crowds (Luke 7:28).

Barnabas Fund highlights three fronts of the war being fought today in Europe against Biblical Christianity.

A major academic study in Austria1 has shown that many jihadists and other radical Islamists have a deep understanding of Islamic theology. The study 2, published at the beginning of August, comprehensively refutes the claims made by many politicians and other public figures in the West that radical Islam is a perversion of Islam and jihadists have little knowledge of Islamic theology. 

Unless Britannia is insane, she wants no part of a zero-Gospel future. Personal and national security are anchored in God’s history. A word from the Editor…

The dramatic change in Sword’s appearance is the generous and highly skilled contribution of our brother Michael Oakley who, without charge to the ministry, has spent many months working on a ‘text-driven’ design. Here’s how Michael describes his prayerful intention:

Most of Iraq’s Christians are descended from the Old Testament Assyrians,yet their days may be numbered. Wilfred Wong investigates.

Do we know why we’re here? Andrew Murray calls the church away from ‘selfish religion’… Go ye therefore and make disciples of all the nations.'  – Matt. 28:19

How terribly the Church has failed in obeying this command! How many Christians there are who never knew that there is such a command! How many who hear of it, do not in earnest set themselves to obey it! And how many seek to obey it in such way and measure as seems to them fitting and convenient.